Shifting Sands

from Textbooks for Tomorrow by Lederman * Stein



Shifting Sands

Shifting sands
Those new demands
Brought to you by the State
So where’s this man?
And was it planned?
And what went wrong?
Under who’s command?
Just what did he undertake?

All the lies
They soon capsize
They sink along with the freight
Some facts survive
They trace your ties
Better change your tune
Better reconcile
‘Cos what did you undertake?

Everybody’s shifting

Shifting sands
They soon disband
The sandman beats you awake
Well, I’ll be damned
for what I can’t withstand
Just watch for sharks
when you extend your hand
And what did they undertake?


from Textbooks for Tomorrow, released October 17, 2020


all rights reserved


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